The Vox Brothers are a two person double act, performing their unique brand of vaudeville style magic and entertainment with their own modern twist. If you’re looking for an act that stands out from the crowd, an act that will defy belief, then look no further.

Feature article in The News - 11/01/2012
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about vox

The Vox Brothers are the two person double act of Clint Barron and Rob Driscoll, performing together to bring a new modern twist on old style magic and entertainment, designed to leave you baffled, bewildered and wanting more! Rob and Clint have been performing together since the late 1990s and not only are they both members of the Portsmouth & District Magic Circle, but they've both previsouly held the office of club President.
Today, the Portsmouth & District Magic Circle is one of the UK's premier magic clubs with over 100 members and regular weekly meetings. While Rob has never been the competitive type, Clint has previously competed in and won their annual close up magic competition no less than four times, including three consecutive years. Respected among their peers, they've also been asked to perform for gala and after dinner shows for other magical societies. While magic is a huge part of their lives,
outside of magic you can see Rob snapping away with his keen interest in photography, and Clint with his head in a pile of books while studying for his home study English Language & Literature university degree.


the show

The Vox Brothers show features a wide and varied set of routines.
Here are a few which stand out as their 'signature' effects, including...

The Vox Brothers Spirit Cabinet

During the late 1800s and the birth of Spiritulism, one lady stood out and became known as 'The Indescribable Phenomenon'. That lady was Anna Eva Fay, and one of her signature routines to apparently contact the spirit world is recreated by The Vox Brothers. Prepare to be amazed, bewildered and entertained with the routine that took the world by storm.

The Vox Brothers Bullet Catch

The Bullet Catch - also known as the most dangerous trick in magic - has fascinated audiences with it's combination of suspense, danger and utter unbelievability. Here, The Vox Brothers bring it into the 21st century and with their own twist will have you scratching your heads in disbelief!

The Vox Brothers Chance-&-Coincidence Routine

How can so many random choices and events be known in advance? The Vox Brothers Chance-&-Coincidence routine is a demonstration of completely free choices being not as free as we might think! This routine has to be seen to be believed, and even then you won't believe it!





"All in all, it was a fantastic entertaining night from The Vox Brothers"

- R Newman

"This act is seriously worrying. It is not only the quality expertise and death defying magic that causes concern but the fact that you can actually like these guys and genuinely hope that the spirits and the bullet catching doen't cause harm. It is all so REAL."

- R Sprake

"Totally professional and entertaining - with the best Spirit Cabinet routine I've ever seen!"

- L Brokenshire

"The Vox Brothers were awesome, an exciting act that had many on the edge of their seats in wonder, truly amazing :-)"

- R Mark

"The Vox Brothers are Amazing Excellent show not to be missed."

- D Snelgar

"The Vox Brothers are mentally Mental."

- J Samuel

"I have not seen them live before, but I have heard so many people talk about them . I have seen photos of The Vox Brothers and very intrigued to see them live."

- M Tasker

"The Vox brothers are a truly class act! Tension, intrigue, spookiness, excitement and mystery all in one show! Absolutely awesome!"

- J Tooley



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